Variations of Domino


The domino is a tile-based family game. The rectangular tiles have two square ends marked with a number of spots. The object of the game is to place all the pieces in a row. If you do this, you will win the game. This game has many different variations. Some of the most popular ones are All Fives, Pai Gow, and Che Deng.

All Fives

Muggins, also known as All Fives, is a domino game that can be played with commonly available domino sets. The game can be played with two or four players. It is described by John McLeod as a great two player game.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a Chinese card game. Each player is dealt four tiles, and their task is to arrange them in pairs so that they score as close to nine as possible. The highest-ranking hand is a Supreme Pair, followed by Matched Pairs and Unmatched Pairs. The next-best hand is a Teen Wong, which is formed from the second-highest tile.

Che Deng

The Che Deng domino game is a classic board game from China. The game consists of thirty dominoes, twenty of which have blank faces and one domino has no face at all. Players must form the best combination of dominoes by placing them in the center of the board.

Tien Gow

The game of Tien Gow domino is a trick-taking game for four players with a Chinese twist. The game features a multiplier to help you get the best possible combination of dominoes. Each of the dominoes has a specific value, based on the standard ranking of Chinese dominoes.

Chinese dominoes

Chinese dominoes are similar to their European cousins in some ways, but the game differs in two important ways. First, the tiles are divided into two different suits, which have different values. Therefore, a player must memorize which tiles belong to which suit.

Common sizes of domino sets

There are several common sizes of domino sets. A double-six set contains 28 dominoes, a double-nine set has 91 tiles, and a double-fifteen set has 136 tiles. Larger sets are more popular with multiple players. A double-nine set is the most common size used in domino games. The objective is to collect all the tiles. The more tiles you collect, the higher the score.


There are many different variants and rules for domino games. The main objective is to build an enclosed space containing one or more domino tiles, known as ‘cells’. Each cell is worth one point. In order to build a cell, you must have at least two tiles in your hand. You can play this game with as many players as you want.